The My Wild Alberta website offers hunters, anglers and trappers a dynamic website that:

  • Creates a hunting, fishing and trapping community culture for site users
  • Highlights websites and key programs and initiatives of stakeholder organizations
  • Promotes hunting, fishing and trapping in Alberta
  • Provides information on hunting, fishing and trapping

Environment and Parks (AEP) in cooperation with My Wild Alberta website stakeholders, may provide links on the site to any other sites that will assist hunters and anglers.

My Wild Alberta operates in order to:

  • Encourage hunting, fishing and trapping in Alberta
  • Ensure site content is publically acceptable
  • Support habitat conservation

My Wild Alberta provides unique information as well as links to information already present on stakeholder sites, while attempting to avoid duplication of information between sites.

AEP manages the My Wild Alberta website in cooperation with our stakeholders. AEP reserves the right to:

  • Provide links to websites that enrich the value of the content found on the My Alberta website
  • Add/remove links on the My Wild Alberta website at any time and without notice, in order to maintain accurate and timely information for its users

Learn more about our stakeholders:

Updated: Sep 7, 2016