How to Buy a Licence When Applying for a Hunting Draw

Applying for the draws? Follow these easy steps.

Step 1 - Buy, Renew or Update Your WIN Card

You must have a valid WIN (Wildlife Identification Number) and be eligible to hold a hunting licence in Alberta. Buy, renew or update your WIN card information at:

Step 2 - Review Hunting Draws Booklet and Hunting Regulations Guide

View the current copy of the Alberta Hunting Draws Booklet and Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations.

Step 3 - View Hunting Draw Summary for Previous Year’s Hunting Season

View last year’s Hunting Draw Summary to check your chances of being drawn.

Step 4 - Purchase Hunting Draw Application

Purchase your hunting draw application(s).

Step 5 - Check Hunting Draw Results

Check your draw results - were you drawn or not drawn?

Step 6 - Request Tags in Advance

Request your tags in advance so you have them on hand when you are ready to purchase your special licence(s) online.

To request tags:

Step 7 - Buy Special Hunting Licence Online

Buy your special licence(s) online, from the convenience of your own home, 24/7.

Step 8 - Review Information for Drawn Applicants

Were you drawn? Additional information for specific hunts such as maps and required briefings is available. Be sure to read this section.

How to Buy a Licence Online When Not Applying for a Hunting Draw


If you need assistance purchasing your licences online, contact the Active Network AlbertaRELM Help Desk:

  • Toll-free in North America: 1-888-944-5494

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Updated: Oct 9 , 2014