Special permits and licences are available to assist hunters (residents, non-resident Canadians and non-resident aliens) with serious disabilities.

These licence/permits are available, for no additional fees, through Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division district offices.

How to Apply for a Licence/Permit

Step 1 Review the Criteria for the Licence or Permit You Wish to Apply for
Step 2 Get Medical Certification as Advised in Criteria above

NOTE: A letter (in an approved format – see below) can be obtained from a physician or therapist to support any application, but is mandatory only for persons with certain physical conditions who apply to obtain a Cross-bow licence.

Physicians or therapists completing these certification letters should review the corresponding licence or permit criteria information sheet above.

Step 3 Fill out the Application Form
Step 4 Submit Your Application

Completed applications must be submitted to the nearest district Fish and Wildlife Division office. To find contact information for an Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division Office nearest you, see:

Updated: Aug 06, 2015