Undersubscribed Special Licences - CLOSED

When too few people apply for special licences in some WMUs the undersubscribed special licences are made available for sale to eligible hunters online and by phone.

Undersubscribed Special Licences Available

Reserving and Buying Your Special Licence

To buy an undersubscribed special licence, you must first reserve the licence and then confirm your reservation has been approved. Once you have been approved you can buy your special licence.

Buying Undersubscribed Special Licences

  • Licences are available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Licences must first be reserved and then purchased beginning the following day

Sales Sales Start:

August 15, 2013
9:00 a.m.


December 19, 2013

Reserving your Undersubscribed Special Licence

You can reserve your licence either by phone or online.

Before You Begin!
  1. Have your 10 digit WIN (Wildlife Identification Number) ready.

    You may reserve a licence of the same kind of special licence for the same WMU for up to 3 other hunters provided you have their WINs.

  2. Have the 2 digit Draw Code and 3 digit Draw Choice ready (see tables below)

    Please Note: You must make a separate application for each special licence.

To Reserve Online: AlbertaRELM.com
  1. You will need:
    • A credit card

      - Cost is $3.04 (plus GST) per application
      - Charges will appear on your credit card statement as: ALBERTA RELM EDMONTON, AB

    • An email address
    • A WIN to purchase the application
    • Your draw code and draw choice
  2. Go to: AlbertaRELM.com

    • Under the ‘Purchase’ menu, click on ‘Undersubscribed Application’
To Reserve by Phone: 1-900-451-3729

Cost is $1.25 per minute. Charges will appear on your long distance telephone bill.

To Avoid Delays: Check with your long distance service provider to ensure you have access to 1-900 numbers.

Cell phones, blackberry phones, internet based digital phones; phones with 1-900 blocked and calling cards cannot access 1-900 numbers.

Cordless telephones are not recommended because of inconsistent transmission tones.

Many businesses or places of work do not permit 1-900 calls.

  1. You will need:
    • A WIN to purchase the application
    • Your draw code and draw choice
  2. Dial 1-900-451-3729 and follow the prompts

Purchasing your Undersubscribed Special Licence

Once you have reserved your licence and it has been authorized, you can purchase the licence either online or at a private licence issuer.

To Purchase Online: AlbertaRELM.com

To purchase your Undersubscribed Special Licence online:

  1. Go to AlbertaRELM the next day after you have reserved your licence to confirm you have been authorized to buy the licence:
  2. Click on ‘Undersubscribed Applications’ under the ‘My Info’ in the left menu.

  3. To purchase your special licence, click on ‘Special Licences’ under the Purchase menu.
To Purchase at a Licence Issuer
Undersubscribed Special Licences can also be purchased at licence issuers once you confirm your licence has been authorized.

To purchase your licence at a licence issuer you must bring your WIN card and provide the issuer with the draw code.

To find a Private Licence Issuer at a Retail Location near you , see:


Once a licence has been reserved, it will not be cancelled. It will be considered sold. It is important that the licence is purchased in order to achieve the annual harvest goals set.


If you require further assistance about the Undersubscribed Special Licence process, call:

  • 1-877-289-0999 Toll Free in North America


Restrictions on eligibility and licence combinations are the same as in the regular hunting draws process. For example, if you were drawn for an Antlerless Mule Deer Special Licence, you cannot get another Antlerless Mule Deer Licence through the undersubscribed licence sale.

  • Non-resident (Canadian) hunters are eligible for only certain special licences. Non-resident Alien hunters are not eligible for these special licences.
  • You do not need to have applied in the draw to be eligible to buy an undersubscribed special licence.
  • Any person in possession of a valid WIN and in compliance with the above may purchase a special licence.

Learn more about eligibility requirements:

Special Licences Available

Antelope Deer Elk Moose Sheep
No Antelope this year Antlered Mule Deer
Antlerless Mule Deer
Antlerless White-tailed Deer

Antlerless Elk
WMU 300 Elk
Antlered Moose
Calf Moose
Antlerless Moose
No Sheep this year
Note: Some undersubscribed special licences may be issued with multiple tags.

Updated: Dec 20, 2013