Antlerless Elk Quota Hunt February 2015

In order to deal with high elk populations on CFB Suffield, ESRD has opened up a limited hunting season in February.

Fisheries Regulation Consultation Survey

Share your feedback about the Alberta government’s proposed revisions to the General Fisheries (Alberta) Regulation (1997) and the Fisheries (Ministerial) Regulation (1997).

Wildlife Regulation Consultation Survey

The Alberta government is seeking feedback from Albertans to guide proposed revisions to sections of the provincial Wildlife Regulation.

By participating in this survey, you can help with the Wildlife Regulation review process.

Black Bear Tooth Collection Program

If you are a hunter or land owner and are planning to harvest a black bear, we would like you to participate in our new Black Bear Tooth Collection program.

Find out more about the program, including which WMUs we’re seeking submissions from: