Family Fishing Weekends – no license required

Catch a Memory

Fishing is an easy and enjoyable way for family and friends to connect with some of Alberta’s greatest natural resources – our lakes, rivers, streams and the fish that live in them.

Family Fishing Weekends, no license required, occurs twice a year. Albertans and visitors are invited to give fishing a try on water bodies with open fishing seasons (not in national parks). Keep in mind that fishing regulations still apply.

Alberta Family Fishing Weekends – no license required, happens during the Family Day long weekend in February and in the second weekend in July.

Family Fishing Weekends coming up:

Fishing Regulations Still Apply!

Alberta's sportfishing regulations apply all year to anglers of all ages and residences, including during the Family Fishing Weekends.

2013 Fishing Weekend

Aim to be a Responsible Angler

  • Know the regulations for the limit and species for each season
  • Know how to identify fish to better follow the regulations
  • Handle fish with care to help them survive after they have been released back into the water
  • Use barbless hooks to cause less damage to fish when you catch and release them

Help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species – clean, drain and dry your boat and fishing equipment after using them.

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Are you hooked?

Would you like to keep fishing after the Family Fishing Weekend? A Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) card and Alberta sportfishing license are required for:

  • Alberta residents age 16 to 64
  • Canadian residents (from outside Alberta) age 16 and older
  • Non-residents (from outside Canada) age 16 and older

To purchase your WIN card and fishing license online, visit:

Updated: Feb 11, 2014