How and where do I get a sportfishing licence?

Fishing licences in Alberta are sold through private licence issuers thoughout the province. Learn More about costs and locations:

I’m 65 and live in Alberta. Do I need a sportfishing licence?

You do not need a licence, but still need to follow sportfishing regulations.

I’m 65 and do not live in Alberta. Do I need a sportfishing licence?

Yes. Seniors from other provinces and countries need a fishing licence to fish in Alberta.

I want to take my kids (all under 16) fishing. I won’t be fishing; do I need a sportfishing licence?

No. You do not need a licence if you are not fishing.

Do kids and seniors have the same daily limits as everybody else?

Yes. The limits are the same for kids and seniors.

Is there a one day/one week licence for Albertans?


When does my sportfishing licence expire?

Fishing licences expire every year on March 31.

I lost my sportfishing licence; can I go fishing without it?

You can’t go fishing without your licence.

If you lose your licence, contact a private licence issuer to get a licence reprint for a small fee. Licences must be carried at all times while sportfishing and must be presented immediately to an officer upon request.

Can I use my Alberta sportfishing licence in Jasper or other national parks?

No. Alberta sportfishing regulations apply in Alberta Provincial Parks, but not in National Parks.

To fish in a provincial park, you need an Alberta sportfishing licence. To fish in a national park, you need a national park fishing permit, which is valid only within the national park. National park fishing permits are available at most park facilities and some commercial outlets.

For information on sportfishing in the national parks, contact Parks Canada:

  • Toll free in North America: 1-888-773-8888
  • Western Regional Office, Calgary: 403-292-4401

Do I need a sportfishing licence if I let all the fish go?

Yes. You will still a need licence.

Do I need a licence to sportfish on a free fishing weekend?

Anyone can fish without a licence during the free fishing weekends, but they still must follow sportfishing regulations.

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If you have questions about purchasing recreational fishing licences in Alberta, contact the RELM Help Desk:

  • Toll-free in North America: 1-888-944-5494

Learn more about fishing regulations in Alberta:

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Updated: Feb 26, 2016