While walleye catch rates are increasing, the population is not yet self-sustaining. Anglers are still being asked to follow the catch and release regulations.

Catch and Release Regulation for Walleye Continues on Lac La Biche

In recent years anglers have experienced higher catch rates of walleye on Lac La Biche. This is the product of a decade of restoration work. In 2005, the Lac La Biche Fishery Restoration Program was initiated to provide more fishing opportunities for Albertans by re-introducing walleye into the lake as well as changing the overall size and structure of the fish community. These efforts have resulted in some successes, including the reappearance of walleye after their near disappearance in the 1960’s.

Although it seems that walleye are now prevalent in Lac La Biche, they have yet to demonstrate the ability to effectively reproduce naturally. Until this population is able to become self-sustaining by reproducing at high enough levels to replace themselves; it cannot be classified as re-established and the walleye regulation for this lake will remain as catch and release. The long term success of this project depends on the responsible use of this resource.

For more information or to learn more about this project please visit the Environment and Parks website, and be sure to check the My Wild Alberta announcement page for future public meetings.

Updated: Sep 16, 2016