The Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada obtains information from anglers about their fishing activities in Canada during a specific year.

It is done every 5 years and includes resident and non-resident licenced anglers.

What information does the survey focus on?

The survey provides information from each province and territory about the number of fish caught and harvested, time spent angling, angler demographics and their views regarding issues related to angling.

The survey also collects information to monitor the economic value of recreational fishing.

How is the information from the survey used?

Survey information provides a means to monitor major trends in Canada’s sport fisheries. This gives fisheries managers and stakeholders important perspective when making decisions about how fisheries should be managed.

How can I participate in the next survey?

Buy a licence and go fishing! Survey participants are randomly drawn from the ranks of sport fishing licence purchasers in each province and territory.

Posted: May 15, 2012