CWD submission; deer and a freezer

Freezers now available for CWD Deer Head Submission

Information for Hunters

Depending on where in Alberta you are hunting, deer head submission for CWD testing is either mandatory or voluntary, stay informed.

OHV Safety; person riding ATV

OHV Recreation

Motorized Recreation

Know the law, respect the land and drive your OHV safely this summer.

Report a Poacher; red Report a Poacher logo on white background

Report A Poacher

Report A Poacher Line

Call 1 800 642-3800 to report suspicious hunting and fishing activity to a Fish and Wildlife Officer.

WIN Card replacements, close-up of man with backpack in front of lake and mountain

WIN Card Reprints

For any lost, stolen or damaged WIN Cards –
these can be replaced via the ReLM Help Desk at
1 – 888 – 944 – 5494.

Each replacement will be a $4.00 charge.