Cougar hunting season; face of cougar

Cougar Hunting

Cougar Hunting Seasons and CMAs

Cougar Management Areas for Alberta are now open for the 2015-2016 hunting season. Check the latest hunting season status.

Open water on frozen pond

Stocked Pond Ice Safety

Ice Safety on Stocked Waterbodies

Fish stocked waterbodies can have weak surface ice due to aeration procedures. Use caution around waterbodies and watch for signage.

Sharp-tailed grouse with wings outspread

Sharp-tailed Grouse Regs

Sharp-tailed Grouse Identification

Learn about current hunting regulations for sharp-tailed grouse, and the hunting moratorium for these grouse in selected WMUs.

WIN Card replacements, close-up of man with backpack in front of lake and mountain

WIN Card Reprints

For any lost, stolen or damaged WIN Cards –
these can be replaced via the ReLM Help Desk at
1 – 888 – 944 – 5494.

Each replacement will be a $4.00 charge.