BearSmart Hunting; bear climbing grassy slope

BearSmart Hunting

Bears & Hunters

Help reduce human-bear conflict when hunting in bear country! Review information for hunters about bear safety and what to do in a bear encounter.

Spring snow and Ross goose hunt

Spring Goose Hunt

Snow and Ross’s Goose Spring Hunt

Environment & Sustainable Resource Development is introducing a spring hunt for Snow and Ross’s geese lasting from March 15 to June 15, 2015.

WIN Card replacements, close-up of man with backpack in front of lake and mountain

WIN Card Reprints

For any lost, stolen or damaged WIN Cards –
these can be replaced via the ReLM Help Desk at
1 – 888 – 944 – 5494.

Each replacement will be a $4.00 charge.

Hunter with pointed rifle

2014 Hunting Regs Available

Hunting Regulations

See this webpage to stay up-to-date on Alberta’s hunting regulations.

To view regulations online, visit:

To order a print copy of the regulations, visit: