Each year in June, the Fish and Wildlife Division holds lotteries or draws for a limited number of special licences to hunt various species of big game and Merriam's turkey.

Special licences allow successful applicants to hunt a specific type of game (e.g., antlerless elk) in defined areas during a specified season.

  • Only Residents and, to a lesser extent, Non-residents (Canadians) are eligible to submit applications for these draws.
  • A Non-resident (Canadian) must apply with at least one Resident hunter in the draw for each licence for which he or she is eligible (exception: Non-resident Trophy Sheep Draw).
  • The Non-resident (Canadian) must hunt with a Hunter Host if successful in a draw for a special licence.
  • Non-resident aliens are not eligible for special licences.

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Alberta Hunting Draws Booklet

Information on the draw and how to apply is provided in the Alberta Hunting Draws booklet.

2013 Alberta Hunting Draws- (64 pages)

The printed version of the 2013 Alberta Hunting Draws book can be picked up a private licence issuers and Fish and Wildlife District offices commencing June 1, 2013.

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Updated: May 17, 2013