Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health has issued the following food consumption advisory for gull and tern eggs:

Recommended Gull and Tern Egg Consumption Limits
Waterbody/Region Consumption Limit
Child 1-4 yrs Child 5-11 yrs Child 12-17 Yrs Women who are (or may become) pregnant Other Adults
Lake Athabasca 1 egg every 2 weeks 1 egg per week 4 eggs per week 3 eggs per week 8 eggs per week
Mamawi Lake 2 eggs per week 3 eggs per week 7 eggs per week 5 eggs per week 12 eggs per week

For detailed information about gull and tern egg consumption advisories, please contact Alberta Health and Wellness at (780) 427-4518.

Updated: May 16, 2014