My Wild Alberta is dedicated to supporting the province's hunting and fishing community wherever it exists —whether it’s on boats or along the shores of rivers and streams, in duck blinds, beside a fishing hole, in the bush or around the campsite. However, since we all live in different places, creating a strong sense of community and finding ways to connect can be a challenge. Thankfully, we have the internet to help bridge the distance and give us a forum to talk to each other, share ideas and exchange information.

Yet we still need an online rendezvous where we can all get together. Our friends at Alberta Outdoorsmen host a lively, informative, sometimes serious, often humorous discussion forum and message board. If you've got questions, comments, a great story to tell, tips to share, random observations, complaints, compliments, jokes, or things to buy and sell, this is the online place for you. You'll need to register as a member before you can post a message and get involved in the discussion, but fear not, registering is quick, easy and, best of all, free!

One last word before you head off to the Alberta Outdoorsmen site: while we think it's a great message board and a terrific place for online community, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development does not manage, maintain or monitor any of its content.

As you do whenever you're reading information on the web, use your discretion and good judgment, just like you do when you’re out enjoying Alberta’s great outdoors when hunting and fishing! When in doubt, always refer back to the hunting and fishing regulations published by the Government of Alberta:

Visit the Alberta Outdoorsmen discussion forum today:

Posted: April 21, 2008