Ice Safety on Stocked Waterbodies

Fish stocked waterbodies can have weak surface ice due to aeration procedures. Use caution around waterbodies and watch for signage.

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Trapper Challenge Exam

Trapping Regulations

Starting July 1st for the 2015/2016 trapping season - the Trapper Challenge Exam will be discontinued and first time trappers must successfully complete the Alberta Trapper Education Course.

See page 5 in the current Trapping Regulations for more information.

Code for Responsible Trapping

Fur-bearing animals must be trapped according to standards as outlined in the Code for Responsible Trapping.

Trappers’ Compensation Program

If you are an operator of a Registered Fur Management Area in Alberta, and you have lost trapping business due to industrial activity on Crown Lands, you may be entitled to compensation under the Alberta Trappers’ Compensation Program.