Fishing Regulation Survey

Fishing Regulation Survey

Red Deer Fishing Reg Survey

Alberta anglers are invited to share their feedback about proposed changes to fishing regulations in the Red Deer-North Saskatchewan Region.

Undersubscribed Fishing Licences

Undersubscribed Fishing Licences

Undersubscribed Special Fish Harvest Licences

While undersubscribed Walleye Class A and B fish harvest licences are now sold out, Walleye Class C fish harvest licences are still available.

Fisheries Public Consultations Icon

Fisheries Public Consultations

Alberta Fisheries Public Consultations

Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) is holding public meetings to discuss proposed northern pike fishing regulations for:

  • Bonnyville Region – Nov 18, 2014
  • Cold Lake Region – Nov 19, 2014
Spring Waterbody Closures Icon

Fall Waterbody Closures

Spring and Fall Fishing Closures

Each year, select waterbodies in Alberta are closed to anglers to protect vulnerable fish populations during their spawning seasons.

The Alberta Sportfishing Regulations provide information on current fishing seasons for specific waterbodies.